The Power of Home Staging: Transforming Your DeLand, FL, Property for Sale

The Power of Home Staging: Transforming Your DeLand, FL, Property for Sale

DeLand, Florida homes generally sell for about $202 per square foot. In order to make the most of this, though, you'll need to showcase your property to the best advantage and entice buyers.

This may sound difficult, but there are tons of home staging techniques to help you along. Read on to learn some home staging tips, tricks, and pointers.

The Importance of Staging Your Home

When you stage a house, buyers have an easier time picturing themselves living there. This makes it more attractive because people can dream about what they plan to do with the property. It gives them the chance to envision something great and act on the impulse to create it.

Staging your home allows for a faster sale. This makes logical sense because people will be happier to put money down on a well-designed house. It's also empirically proven - studies show that staged properties can sell up to 30x faster than unstaged counterparts.

You also will likely get higher offers for staged properties. This is because well-appointed spaces can bring in multiple offers. You can leverage them and get for more than the asking price.

Home Staging 101: Basic Tips and Tricks

The first step to staging a home is to enhance its curb appeal by following recent real estate trends. You want to paint your siding and fix any potential roof-related issues. Fencing is important, as are garden fixtures and patio aesthetics.

You also need to add comfortable furniture and artwork to the inside of the home. Cozy rugs, throw pillows, and gorgeous accents can make the space appear more appealing and get higher offers.

No matter what else you do, remember that cleanliness is key to home staging. You don't want the house to look lived in - you want people to imagine what it will look like when they live there.

Make sure that you scrub the walls and hardwood or tile flooring. Get rid of dirt and grime, vacuum carpets and furniture, and completely eliminate clutter.

How Can a Property Manager Help?

Property managers can appraise your home and inform you of current home staging techniques. They'll tell you what your target market wants to see so you can stand out over other DeLand properties.

More importantly, they'll help set you up with staging professionals who know how to increase home value. These experts will patch up rough parts of your home, add furniture and accents, and make it homelike for buyers. When people come in, they'll see an expert-staged home that's shown at the best possible angle.

Sell Your Home in DeLand, Florida the Right Way

Now that you know why home staging is important and how to do it correctly, it's time to make your unit more appealing to renters and buyers alike. PMI Central Florida offers home appraisal services and staging methods that can enhance your ROI.

We'll discuss property staging techniques with you and help you sell a home faster than you thought possible. Reach out to schedule a consultation and get a free rental valuation ASAP.