How Tenant Portals Simplify Communication for Landlords in DeLand, FL

How Tenant Portals Simplify Communication for Landlords in DeLand, FL

It's that time again: You need to make an announcement, collect rent, or deal with maintenance requests. Managing all that at once can seem daunting if you are a landlord in Florida.

A tenant portal is a perfect solution for keeping everything you need in one place. Want to learn more? Read on to see how a tenant portal can benefit your rental properties.

Streamlined Communication

Does it seem like some of your tenants don't get the message when you send out announcements or updates? Never worry about that again with tenant portals.

The tenant portal makes tenant communication simple. Residents can log in to see recent announcements. You may even be able to push the notifications to their phone or email account as well.

Accept Payments

Nowadays there are so many ways to send and receive money that it can be overwhelming when rent and bills come due. Rather than rely on various methods for payments, your residents can log in to the tenant portal to easily make their payments.

Usually, a payment portal gives options to pay with a debit or credit card, or through alternative accounts like PayPal. This offers the tenants flexibility, without overwhelming you as the landlord.

Manage Maintenance Requests

If your tenants need maintenance done, you should not have to track down the requests. You can manage them right in the tenant portal, or you can forward them to your property management company.

Tenants can even log on to the tenant portal and track the repair progress of their maintenance requests. Rather than bugging you about the status, the tenant portal can keep them updated.

Cut Administrative Time

You may only spend a few hours a week doing administrative tasks, but that time can really add up. By working with a tenant portal or a community association management company, you can outsource much of your administrative work.

Once you cut down on your administrative time, you can use those free hours for more important tasks. Having automated administrative tasks means you can also worry less.

Tenants and landlords can also look at things like lease agreements, checklists, and deposit information in the tenant portal. You will not have to spend time locating these items for them when access is simple.

Strengthened Security

Hacking is even more common these days, despite increases in technology. A tenant portal offers a secure platform where you can hold sensitive information from your tenants.

Important documents like rental applications and lease agreements often have confidential information on them. The tenant portal can provide an extra level of security to ensure that information stays safe and is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Try Using a Tenant Portal Today

You should not have to juggle all of your tenant needs using a million different methods. With a tenant portal, you can rest easy knowing all of your information is readily available.

PMI Central Florida can help you with all of your tenant needs. Contact us today to begin your journey with property management.