Duties of a Community Association Manager

Duties of a Community Association Manager

Community association management is vital to create a strong sense of belonging. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a community association manager is $60,670 per year.

If you're wondering whether this type of job is necessary, there are lots of reasons why this role is so vital to your success.

Read on to learn more about community manager duties and responsibilities, and how this position helps strengthen communities.

What is a Community Association Manager?

A community association manager, or CAM, is someone who provides guidance and service to community board members. These professionals are the main "leaders" of the organization, which means they have a laundry list of tasks.

Most community association management teams and individuals look after everything from accounting and operations to maintenance. The end goal is to provide an excellent place for residents to live where they feel safe and in a place where property values remain high.

CAMs are active in running the bulk of the daily operations and activities within the community association. They also focus on things like neighborhood and property upkeep, budgeting, and more.

Maintenance Duties

The CAM focuses on things like property management and maintenance, which includes identifying issues that may need repair. They also focus on the maintenance and upkeep of common areas and facilities like fitness centers, swimming pools, or parks.

These pros also deal with a variety of vendors and contractors. Not only do they look for and hire these partners, but they're also responsible for keeping up with accounting items like payments and invoices.

Community Manager Duties: Accounting

Accounting and budgeting are crucial to running a well-operated community association. The CAM will look at financial reports and statements, work on tax preparation, and manage contracts.

Depending on the scale and scope of the community, they may also hire a CPA to help with large accounting tasks. Overall, their job is to make sure that the community is operating on a balanced budget and that everything is accounted for.

Some CAMs collect monthly dues from property owners. They might also be responsible for collecting overdue fees or putting some non-paying residents into collections.


The most important aspect of community association management is communicating with residents, board members, and vendors. This includes scheduling and holding board meetings, sending meeting notices, and providing the necessary paperwork.

CAMs also prepare and distribute meeting minutes and address issues that community members may have. They also communicate directly with each property owner either via email or telephone. The CAM might also draft and distribute flyers, make and post signs, and give out newsletters to community members either in print or email format.

Streamline Your Community

A community association manager wears many hats. If you have a community association in the DeLand, Florida area, consider hiring one of these professionals today.

If you're ready to explore the possibilities of professional community association management in DeLand, Florida, contact the team at PMI Central Florida today to find out how we can help.